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We at 254Hope are looking to work with anyone who has creative and unique ideas on how we can celebrate Kenyan pride and promote patriotism. We are open to any new ideas and do not hesitate getting in touch with us on any of our social media accounts or on the contact page here on our website.

Some of the people we are looking for already include


Our store hosts merchandise from anyone who wishes to design any items that celebrate our country. Open a vendor account with us and you may be able to make money online when anyone purchases your product. We are a creative country and that is why we opened up the space for everyone to contribute both in producing and purchasing items. So far, we have the following design houses and brands on board together with several other individuals.

celebrate our national pride and promote patriotism.








Good at writing? Share your thoughts on 254Hope’s fast growing platform of over 10,000 followers on the web by contributing to our blogs. Write on any topic as long as the context is the Kenyan space in general and we will share it on our platform with full accreditation. Become a contributor by simply forwarding us a short synopsis at

Graphic Designers

With more and more followers joining the platform everyday, we are looking for those with graphic design skills that we can work with to increase the quality of our content by creating concepts that celebrate Kenyan pride and promote patriotism.and being able to bring them to life using powerful and creative visuals.

Daily contributors and content creators

Join the growing network of content creators and contributors by being on the look out for anything that you think we should share and tagging any of our social media pages and we will share it with even more people across the web. Check The diary t0 see the kind of content we put out on a daily basis.

celebrate Kenyan pride


As we are looking to add photography blogs to our platform, we are interested in working with any photographer both established and aspiring to create content that we can share to jointly achieve our objectives and market their work. Hit us up and lets work together to tell stories in pictures.

celebrate our national pride


Meet the team

    Kihara Kibuchi

    The actual guy running the organisation

    Kihara Kibuchi
    Head of Operations
    William Muriuki

    Content and creation

    William Muriuki
    Mwangi Muriuki

    Do not disturb our secret nerd

    Mwangi Muriuki
    IT and Finance
Why we have hope

Our pillars


Our ever growing social media and blogs platform where different contributors can share their feelings about our country.

The National Kiosk

Our online and facebook store where anyone can make and sell merchandise that celebrates our country.

The Kenyan Hoi Polloi

Our digital media arm that focuses on developing content that is informative and explains a lot of things happening in Kenya