Write for us

254hope is a Kenyan socially conscious news and opinion site. It is a space where we the people tell our own stories and share the things that matter to us. Our mission is simple. To elevate the conversation and create a well-informed society that can make better decisions both individually and collectively.

Just barely 6 months old, we have seen the space grow to over 10,000 followers with daily reach and engagement numbers also growing every day. We believe this is the future of media. Not stories from the top of multinational companies down but rather from within us.

We also believe that we can create a platform for productive debate, meaningful discussions and informative content that we really need as a society but no one is currently creating it.


The content creators’ circle

We are a group of young guys from different walks of life with our own stories to tell. No one has received a formal education in journalism or has had a career in writing or blogging. We are just young, passionate and with stories to tell.

Members of the circle earn an income on the side of their daily lives but that’s not as important as the social impact a good article can have.

The journey

Write us an email at 254hopeke@gmail.com giving us a short description about yourself.

You may also give a list of possible topics you wish to write on and the editor will give you the go ahead to come up with content. The content must comply with our editorial policy guidelines.

Once the first draft is completed, you may send it to the chief editor via email and with several suggestions and improvements; the final article will be accepted and once posted your payment will be made immediately.

At entry level, every content creator earns KES 500 shillings per post and depending on several factors such as engagement, popularity, quality and finally quantity of posts done on the platform, they can work their way up and earn much more.


Editorial policy

  • Content

The topic can be on anything that one feels passionate about. Anything ranging from cars to cooking to politics and even sports. We encourage both general interest stories and niche subjects as long as they are informative and hence has a positive impact on our society.

  • Consistency

We would encourage as many submissions as possible from an individual creator if they can keep up the quality and highly recommend keeping a routine of not less than once a month.

  • General content guidelines

Be of interest to our audience or have a hook which will entice them to read.

Present information in an original manner. Content that exists elsewhere including in personal blogs will not be accepted.

Have a specific message.

Include a value-added element or additional content. This might be pictures or video.

  • Tone

The article may appear light-hearted, practical, serious, academic, jocular, clever, supportive, challenging or friendly depending on your personal taste.

  • Length

We would prefer the content to be clear and concise with an average length of 300-700 words.

  • Linking

Any useful links to sources quoted or issues discussed may be added at the bottom of the submission. Any resourceful use of other people’s content must also be accredited.

Some suggested topics

  • Lists

Anything that is in a list form does very well as it helps focus the reader for a longer length of time than an open prose article would. Some list topics include

Top ten restaurants in Nairobi, 10 best matatus currently, 5 new cons and tricks, betting myths and traps etc.

  • How tos

The number one question typed into Google is always how to…. Some examples of such a topic include

How to fix your radiator if broken, How to buy land, how to register a business